(Photo Source: People.com)

Iggy Wants To Collab With Peppa Pig

These days, music is all about collaborations. Who is featured on who’s an album or what song will Ed Sheeran be featured on today? Collaborations are a big part of music but this latest collaboration might just be one for the books — children’s books, that is.

Iggy Azalea, the Fancy Australian artist known for her unique rap style, lyrical prowess, and style on the red carpet has been blowing up on social media recently. The anticipation? The release of her new album, “In My Defense.”

Her first album, “The New Classic,” went platinum and after five years of relatively quiet activity from Iggy Azalea, her new album has fans wanting more. So when Iggy tweeted to a popular kids TV star, for a duet, people took notice.

The TV star was none other than Peppa Pig, the loveable children’s cartoon. Peppa tweeted back “Peppa Pig so fancy, you already know.” Ironically, the tweet coincides with the new album of none other than Peppa Pig herself. “My First Album” hit stores late July and is already talked about as a candidate for album of the year.