These Are Karl Lagerfeld’s Legendary Chanel Fashion Shows

Karl Lagerfeld knew how to make beautiful clothes, but he also knew how to put on a show. The late Chanel creative director created storied fashion moments every time he unveiled a new collection for the fashion house.

While the scenery continued to grow more and more over-the-top with emerging technology, Lagerfeld’s show’s no matter how basic or grand never failed to convey a message. While we await the debut of the Lagerfeld’s last ready-to-wear collection, here’s a look at the designer’s greatest runway shows.

Fall/Winter 2010

Chanel on ice! Only the master could import a real 265 ton iceberg from Scandinavia to be the centerpiece of his runway show. The show, believed to be a play on the global warming, was heavy on the knits and faux furs – Lagerfeld’s favorite.

Fall/Winter 2017

Another extravagant show, Lagerfeld’s arranged to have a launchpad and a live working spacecraft (embellished with a black and white CC logos) build in the Grand Palais. The RTW’s collections and silhouettes were reminiscent of mod 60s trends and experimental space age fashion.

Fall/Winter 1991

Lagerfeld found his stride at the fashion house with this iconic hip-hop inspired collection. Proving that he always has a tap on the mainstream, the designer injected flavors of hip hop culture like sportswear into the clothing. The show was infamous for its flashy jewelry including layers and layer of larger than life pearls. If anything the collection also birthed the iconic CC chain necklaces that every girl aspires to own.

Fall/Winter 2008

Fall/Winter 2008 was Lagerfeld’s first with experimental runway show set design. The carousel centerpiece, symbolic of a fashion cycle, was the highlight of Paris fashion week. After walking down the runway, models would then stay standing on the carousel, allowing the spectators to view the clothes again at leisure. The collection was heavy on the smokey tones and quilted patterns with the runways being walked by 2000s “it” girls Coco Rocha and Heidi Mount.

Fall/Winter 2014

Aptly nicknamed the “Supermarket Show,” Lagerfeld created a moment that will always inseparable from Chanel’s mythology. The runway show was Lagerfeld’s literal interpretation of Ready-to-Wear, as that he could see a women wearing his designs in their daily life as they run errands. Thanks to social media, models walking down the aisles in fresh Chanel designs have been viewed by millions of fans.

Spring/Summer 1994

Long before Lagerfeld could even dream of larger than life settings, the runways were lit with complete star power. The Spring/Summer 1993 show is the epitome of why the fashion culture will forever be obsessed with 90s Chanel. As Lagerfeld told Vogue, “fashion today is more about attitude than detailing,” and his collection was the embodiment of the hard-edged glam that only a supermodel lined runway could bring.

Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford, and Naomi Campbell helped bring the tweed revival full swing with this collection. Plus, Kate Moss with side pony and purple hair extensions.