Would you wear a pair of heels made by Crocs? Crocs are now making a high heel… and we don’t know what to think. Going viral all over the internet, and we can see why! They may be comfiest heels ever, but it depends on if you think they are fashionable or not. They are coming out in many different colors as well as patterns. Either you hate them or love them, there’s no in between. Crocs have definitely expanded their horizon with this one.

They are being sold in heel, wedge, and closed toe wedge styles. When Crocs released this new heel, they sold them for around $50-200 a pair on their website as well as amazon which is crazy because they are usually around $30! They sold out very soon after coming out which is definitely surprising! They are even being called the newest obsession and trend in fashion.

Most of the people who have tried out this trend are saying positive things, and there are even some Crocs that you wouldn’t guess are Crocs once you see them. Whether you think they are a no-no or not, you definitely have to be one for comfort over fashion to be a fan, but that’s no surprise since Crocs are known for their comfort.