Since it’s almost fall, a lot of people are reminded to dress in layers. Especially in cold areas, you might have to put one coat over another. But wouldn’t it be easier to just put on everything at once?

The new coat from Balenciaga features a layered jacket look. It’s quite pricey at $9000, but if you have the money to spare, it could possibly save your time and energy.

The jacket features seven layers with each jacket being a different type of pattern and color. It’s almost like a seven-layer dip, except for your body. The jacket made its debut at the Paris Fashion Week, featuring a combination of plaid shirts, technical fleeces, jersey hoodies, two front jacket pockets, cuffed sleeves, a drawstring hood, and matching hem.

Though immediately after the jackets release, people all over social media made the comparison of the new Balenciaga jacket to a scene from “Friends.” Balenciaga even has a red and white striped shirt on their website that seems to be inspired by the ‘Where’s Waldo’ book.

And it does look oddly look alike! The new style received praise from the actual costume director from “Friends,” Debra McGuire. So, if you’re brave enough to wear a seven-layer coat, go for it!