Every makeup lover has their own idea of what the perfect makeup looks like; whether you prefer more blush than others or choose to use fake eyelashes daily is all a matter of preference but what brings makeup lovers together is that highlighter and contouring is a must.

The function that each product has is extremely important which is why proper technique is required when applying. The highlighter, for example, gives your face a more 3-D effect if you happen to have flatter parts to your face like the cheekbone area and nose bridge. Dusting some highlighter on these areas will bring forth that specific part capturing the light and sparkles therefore giving your face a fuller effect.

Contouring is one the most important techniques to learn because it can be quite tricky but once learned, extremely helpful. The function contouring serves is slimming the face and reshaping it as well. You can make a round face appear more defined by shaping out a sharper jawline and make a finer nose all with proper technique.

Be sure to watch the videos to learn how to bring your best highlighted and contoured face forward with a few simple steps.