(Photo Source: instyle.com)

Jennifer Aniston Celebrates The InStyle 25th Anniversary

InStyle magazine is celebrating its 25th anniversary! And what better way than to look back at one of the most beautiful and celebrated personalities to ever grace the cover of InStyle Magazine. That’s right, none other than Jennifer Aniston.

It’s fair to say that Jennifer Aniston is a household name. The model, actress, and now businesswoman has accomplished countless things as a celebrity since she first hit the silver screens in 1987. But, she will forever be known as the beloved Rachel, from the hit TV show that captured the lives of real people in Friends.

Today, she’s still starring in hit movies, owns a production company, and has branched out to other business ventures, becoming more successful than ever and aging like a fine wine. At 50 years old, she is still stunning and just as amazing.

For InStyle magazine, Jennifer Aniston takes a comedic approach to her past magazine covers, joking about needing her glasses now to read what ridiculous things she posted about in her first cover back in 1996, a more mature but still carefree Jennifer breaks down her role in the 25 years on InStyle Magazine.