The most famous wearer of the bouffant hairstyle is undoubtedly Adele. She is almost always seen with great volume is her hair and wears it incredibly well along with her infamous cut-crease eye look giving her that perfect modern day 50’s and 60’s feel. It can sometimes be a difficult look to pull-off without looking too overdone but Adele has mastered it well.

This hairstyle can sometimes seem tedious but having the right products and tools make a huge difference. And it works even better on second day hair so no need to get a blowout for it. You simple need the following:

1. A teasing comb
2. Dry shampoo
3. Hairspray
4. Texturizing spray
5. Soft bristle bursh
6. Bobby pins and a hair tie

To see an easy step-by-step tutorial watch our friends at Birchbox in the video!