(Photo Source: sneakernews.com)

Dior teams up with sneaker icon Jordan for Air Dior

It’s not just fashion girls, celebrities, and Instagram influencers that have caught on to the sneaker trend. Ultra-luxurious and high-fashion brands are catching on to the ever-increasing rise of athletic-wear sneakers as well.

Some brands have created their own styles in hopes to capitalize off of the momentum, but even more, have found success in joint partnerships and collaborations with trending brands. From Adidas, Yeezy, Puma and now Nike, classic sneaker brands are raking in the dough with their high-fashion collabs.

Nike’s Air Jordan line has joined forces with Dior to create the “Air Dior” shoe previewed at the Dior 2020 Men’s show in Miami at the beginning of December. The night was full of new prints and designs, ranging from a bold snakeskin to the classic monogrammed Dior logo print.

Men’s artistic director Kim Jones later revealed the shoes on his personal Instagram, showing off the silver-gray and white color combo, the large Nike swoosh embossed with the signature Dior print and a transparent sole. So why Nike and why the Jordan’s?

“I love mixing together different worlds, different ideas—Dior and Jordan brand are both emblematic of absolute excellence in their fields,” Jones told WWD. The shoe is set to go live with the rest of the collection in spring 2020. As for a women’s shoe, we will have to wait and see what else is to come from this collaboration.