Katy Perry Reveals Secret About Her Met Gala Outfit

Katy Perry has a passion for the dramatic, especially when it comes to her outfit and fashion. From her out of this world outfits in her music videos, to her Uncle Sam outfit at her show in Washington D.C., she is known for having an outrageous- larger than life look for any event. And her look at the Met Gala didn’t disappoint her fans.

For the Met Gala this year, Katy Perry shocked the world with her stunning crystal dress complete with its own chandelier. That’s right, Katy Perry rocked the Met Gala wearing a 40-pound chandelier! In addition to her Chandelier outfit, Katy Perry also wore a giant hamburger costume. There truly is no limit to the creativity that Katy Perry brings to each and every event.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

But it’s not just her Gala outfits that have her fans raving. Katy Perry has just released her new line of shoes at Macy’s stores. Watermelon heels, icebreaker pumps- In true Katy Perry fashion, her shoes are sure to start a conversation and definitely draw some attention. Her goal? To bring joy to everyone.

For more information on Katy Perry’s new shoe line as well as her Met Gala outfits, click the link above.