This winter has been full of amazingly stylish and warm coats. From big fluffy coats to comfy cape coats, there’s a style for everyone at every budget as well. As of late thanks to reality star Kim Kardashian, boxy coats have been a big trend everywhere. Although Kim hasn’t always been known for having a more serious fashion style, her fiancé Kanye West has been aiding her and we have to admit that she can really wear a boxy coat the right way.


Boxy coats come in different fabrics and styles but the wool boxy coat is a lot more stylish and versatile. It suits everybody shape but there are things to keep in mind for choosing the right shape for you. Girls with bigger chests should stay away from any bulk at the front of the coat to prevent that area from looking too big. For petite girls, coats with a shorter length are best for making you look too short.

The boxy coat is a great way to make any outfit look more refined and well put together and is a must for this winter season. Stores like Forever 21 and Topshop make affordable coats that super stylish so make sure to get your hands on one this season.