(Photo Credit: Carl Timpone And Benjamin Lozovsky/BFA)

Kim’s Temperature-Controlled Storage Facility For Her Old Wardrobe

Kim Kardashian West has always been a bit extra. Whether it’s her infamous crying face, her entire published book of selfies, or really most moments in her family’s world-known show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” there are very few things the star does that surprise us.

And her obsession with fashion is no surprise either, with a fashion-motivated husband like Kanye West and a passion for great style herself. So when we found out that Kim Kardashian has an entire storage facility to herself, dedicated to being a holding place for every outfit she’s ever worn, it made perfect sense.

After all, Kanye thinks (and treats) Kim like a work of art. Putting her wardrobe on display sounds par for the course.

Kim’s storage unit is temperature-controlled and so extra–like mentioned above–that each outfit is linked to an app on her phone. The items she keeps on-hand in her personal collection are new or essential pieces, while everything else connects to her app for convenience. In the storage facility, each item is organized in a protective bag with a photo of Kim on the front wearing that piece.