(Photo Source: kylie.com)

Another Kylie Enters The Beauty Community

Celebs playing their hand at fashion and getting into the fashion industry is becoming more and more commonplace: Rihanna with Fenty Beauty. Eva Mendes with Circa Beauty. And now, Kylie Minogue is throwing her hat in the ring and launching a new makeup line that has people singing, “Can’t get you out of my head.”

Kylie Minogue is an Australian singer, songwriter, actress, and now, beauty designer. She has recently released her new makeup line, Kylie, and the critics are giving it a lot of hype. The collection includes eyeshadow, lip gloss, face glitter, lip oil, and lip and cheek tints. And the best part, she’s making her own tongue in cheek references to her music in the names of the cosmetics including “Wild Rose” and “Raining Glitter.”

The hype is definitely real as some are comparing her beauty line to that of none other than Kylie Jenner. After some early beef over the name of the brand, Kylie Minogue ultimately won out and was able to block the trademark attempts on the name Kylie, for the brand.

Time will tell whether or not the brand will live up to the “Kylie” name but for now, it’s more than making a splash in the industry and only adding to the list of celebs who have successfully broken into the fashion beauty industry.