The Lucite trend has been around for a while but this year it has soared in popularity and some of the fashion world’s favorite designers and icons are huge fans of this acrylic material in the form of jewelry, shoes and other accessories.  First off let’s talk about what Lucite is and how it differs from your everyday grade of plastic. Lucite is a transparent thermoplastic made of Poly(methyl methacrylate), it’s about 8 times clearer than glass and very durable.  Michael Kors, Chanel, Givenchy and Stella McCartney have all used Lucite in there collections to create a chic and almost futuristic look.

The Lucite trend is most popular when it comes to accessories; bangles, clutches and statement necklaces are among the most common ways to wear this trend. One of our favorite ways to rock the Lucite look is to pair a black on black outfit with clear Lucite accessories. This monochromatic look is sophisticated, polished and youthful. Another great way to strut your stuff in this trend would be to opt for Lucite shoes. You can go for flats with clear Lucite embellishment or look for heels made from Lucite, there are even plenty of colored Lucite options to choose from.

Try The Trend Tips

Lucite is a fresh and fun trend that’s perfect for the upcoming warm weather months to help you master this look here are a few tips.

Keep the Lucite to small quantities, to much Lucite can start to look tacky to pick your pieces wisely and think minimally.

Lucite purses are another great way to rock this trend, a Lucite clutch or tote is the perfect way to add a sophisticated futuristic touch to any ensemble.