(Photo Source: yahoo.com)

Fall 2020 Runway show was a performance art piece in homage to fashion

Marc Jacobs’s Fall 2020 runway show at New York Fashion Week brought stars, performance art, and 140 looks for the collection. The runway show was inspired by the feeling you get of being in New York City, a mix of exhilaration and anxiety. The show started with a huge dance performance art piece featuring the “punk ballerina” dancer and choreographer, Karole Armitage, forming a shadow of dancers to replicate the effect of a ripple in the water.

Jacobs had a couple of celebrities walk for the runway show including Kaia Gerber, Miley Cyrus, and the supermodel sister duo, Gigi and Bella Hadid. Though the collection didn’t feature many print pieces, it made up for tactile fabrics including lace and metallic pieces.

The collection featured loose-formed styles inspired by styles with a solid subtle color palette from the 50s including ready-to-wear style loose coats, shift dresses, sharp suits, and gowns. The collection also featured accessories to inspire childhood memories including Madeline hats, Mary Janes, Peter Pan collars, and security blankets.

Bella Hadid’s stunning black gown look was inspired by the former first lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis including the trademark bouffant hairstyle with long white gloves she would wear for formal occasions. The new collection also draws inspiration from the minimalism of the first collections by Marc Jacobs in the 1990s.