Wham! Pow! Wow! Chic cartoon prints are knocking our socks off this season. These animated statement making patterns and prints are bold, eye catching and definitely not for the fashion faint of heart. Some of our favorite brands like Topshop and Phillip Lim are making cartoon prints wearable for the everyday fashionista and we’re loving  some of the crazy chic combinations we are seeing. Outfits like high waisted cartoon print shorts and t-shirts or wordy cartoon style statement sweatshirts and skirts are making waves among fashion bloggers.  We understand the idea of walking around town with Bart Simpson on your clothing à la  Cara Delevingne may be daunting. However, we suggest trying out this trend before you dismiss it, because there are plenty of chic outfits that can be made out of this bold and fun print trend.

What we love about this pop print trend is that it’s all about bright colors which bring a certain amount of energy and freshness into your look. Of course as with anything bold you’ll want to add balance to prevent yourself from looking to busy. So when opting for a cartoon print crop top or high wasited shorts for example, add in subtle accessories like nude or dark shoes that don’t distract frpm the bold printed item.

Try The Trend Tips
When it comes to crazy, zainy and chic this trend takes the cartoon cake!  Below are a few tips to help keep you chic in this fresh and animated trend.

A completely clear clutch is the perfect accent to a cartoon print dress, it won’t distract from the print, however it will makes for a unique and chic accessory.

When rocking a cartoon print think about adding in some retro cat eye sunglasses, this is a great way to add in a touch of femininity to this sometimes masculine trend.