(Photo Source: insidethestar.com)

The crop top is being taken over by men’s fashion

First, it was rompers and now crop tops. Men are finally getting fashion equality as their female counterparts. Is this part of the fashion inclusivity trend, or is this just another attempt at gender-neutral clothing? After all, summer is the hottest time of the year.

Crop tops have come along way since their conception in the early 1940s. Crop tops started as a casual and tasteful way to “let loose” at the beach or the pool.

The trend picked up momentum again in the 1970s with the flower power movement and Woodstock goers. When most people think of crop tops, they think of 80s workout videos with Jane Fonda and her workout tapes, wearing a matching head and wrist sweatbands.

The other significance of the 80s is that it’s the first time that you start to see guys really getting into crop tops as a fashion staple. It wouldn’t be uncommon to see males on Ventura Boulevard rocking the crop top or even some of the more rebellious punk rock bands all showing some skin in the name of fashion.

Fast forward to today and they have again made a come back. Or have they? I don’t know if crop tops will be the next big thing in fashion this year, but the industry is definitely trying.