Everyone loves Blake Lively for her natural beauty and grace. There’s no reason to not be inspired when it comes to her glowy face and flawless makeup. Here is the scoop on her go-to product that’s a lipstick, and it’s less than $20!

Blake Lively’s iconic look, created by the makeup artist Kristofer Buckle, is one to try out. Her make up tends to match her breezy, easy-going personality and attitude. Her make up routine is also pretty low-key considering the favorite product of Blake Lively used by Buckle, is only $20. It is called the Cashmere Slip lipstick and it is a go-to for Blake, her favorite shade is Bardot! It is a gorgeous pink nude color, and it truly looks great on everyone.

Lively’s makeup artist said that he has definitely shortened her beauty routine over the years, and overall her makeup looks now tend to be much softer, unless attending a big event. With already naturally beautiful features, he takes a very subtle approach when doing make up such as her lashes and features by not over-doing the look.

She also does not pile mascara onto her lashes, she gives them a contrast and look by adding iridescent eyeshadow to her lids. She also uses a brown mascara instead of a black mascara to give a much softer look. Soft looks are very in when it comes to makeup, and you should be sure to try-out Blake’s lipstick for a gorgeous glow!