New York Fashion Week is looking forward to the future of fashion, while Michael Kors is looking to the past for inspiration for his Fall/Winter collection. Michael Kors brings back a blast from the past with his collection featuring styles from the 1970s.

Kors says that he used free-flowing material such as chiffon, charmeuse, and satin to create his homage to the 70s. They also decided to crush the fabric to make the style “less precious” while maintaining the flow of the material.

He goes onto explain his choice in crushing the fabric to make the styles more casual and to give the wearer less worries about wrinkling their outfit.

The collection give the presence of relaxed looks with commonly formal fabrics. Another key design element for this collection is patchwork.

The new line features a trench coat with metallic leather patchwork including colors such as silver, gold, and copper. They also feature shearlings with patchwork that is rarely seen and less common for these designs.

Though most runway shows feature seperate mens and womens collections, Kors featured both for a co-ed runway show. The mens designs feature bold prints including herringbone, plaids, and checks.

The Kors show also had a special guest performer to truly personify the 1970s theme with none other than Berry Manilow. This Michael Kors runway show proves that the 70s are still thought of as the glamorous era of disco and sparkle.