We have women who prove that a modelling career can last longer than 15 years even 20 years. Models like Carmen Dell’Orefice who is 82 years of age is still kicking it hard on the walkway.

She is known as one of the oldest working fashion models. She was 15 years when she appeared on vogue and ever since then she didn’t look back. We also have Lauren Hutton who is 70 years of age who’s appeared on the cover of American Vogue 26 times.

I was so thrilled when I heard of the older models hitting it hard in Moscow. Diversity in fashion is beginning to grow its root and stand it’s place.

The older models catwalk in Moscow is just a tip of the iceberg. We have been able to see trends from acid survivors, fashion shows for individuals who are not the perfect models.

The older model catwalk in Moscow was able to show to us that true beauty is ageless. Furthermore, the fashion show also opens up several opportunities for new and aspiring models also.

It gives them an avenue to choose a mentor, someone who would be a guide in the world of fashion and modelling. Modelling gradually is becoming all inclusive.

Therefore, we shouldn’t leave them (the older models) out of it. We should remember that sometimes ago, they covered the pages of most magazines, they were the faces of several beauty products.

They have that experience the young models don’t have. Aspiring models and those new to the modeling world can learn a bunch from them. Most especially they can also learn how to manage their time even before they arrive at that old age. Age is just a number, yes.

But when you find it very hard to walk three miles like you used to do, it would dawn on you that numbers are real figures! All these and more happened of recent when the older models decided to hit the catwalk in Moscow.