Selfies may seem simple but are sometimes hard to snap, let alone getting a good photo in the first couple of snaps. Here are some selfie taking tips that models swear by.

Lighting is key for an amazing selfie with the option being to take a photo by a window with natural lighting. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent having squnity eyes when taking your picture. If there is no natural sunlight then rotate with your phone to see which direction will provide the best lighting for your selfie.

Angles are also important to accentuate certain facial features, higher angles provide accentuates from the nose up and lower angles feature the bottom half of your face better. Angles can also help reduce the long arm and to avoid the long arm in the photo just bend your elbow outwards and out of frame.

When taking a group selfie have the person with the longest arms take the photo while on the outside of the group to include everyone in the photo while avoiding the long arm. For an amazing group selfie everyone loves you can arrange the group by their preference side for the photo, so everyone will love to share the photo.

Another suggestion is to take multiple selfies to have more options to test certain poses with proper lighting effects.

Holding your phone higher can help to avoid double chins, while enhancing lighting to better suit your face for a model quality photo.

There is also an etiquette rule with posting selfies for when friends like your photos and it’s simply liking their photos back.

For more selfie tips, check out the videos above.