Everyone loves a good head of curls right? They’re fun, sexy, and always stylish. You may have thought a curling wand was your only option, but nowadays people are getting even more inventive with different ways of curling your hair. Here are some weird, wacky ways that you can curl your hair.

Everyone knows your hair usually should be dry before you curl it to avoid frying and damaging your hair. According to a hair curling company called the “sleeve-styler,” after having damp hair you are supposed to roll the curlers into your head overnight and get amazing curls. Though you can easily curl your hair with a wand much quicker, it’s great to use if you want to avoid using heat on your hair.

Another weird way to curl your hair is using a blow-drying brush made by Revlon. It is shaped the same way a curling iron is, so you can easily get the same effect. If you thought any of those were anywhere near weird, it’s gets even more strange.

People use everyday items such as shoelaces, tampons, socks, straws, and aluminum foil. People have also used bananas, paper bags, sponges, and pipe cleaners! Though they are odd, it would definitely be something to try out if you are looking for more heatless, DIY options.