(Photo Credit: Danny Moloshok/Reuters)

Olivia Wilde Is Over Hollywood Beauty Standards

Olivia Wilde, an extremely popular actress of our era, jumped into the spotlight in 2003 with her recurring role in the hit TV show “The OC.” And while she is known for roles such as that one, she has also been in shows like “House” and has recently begun her directorial debut with her soon-to-be-released film, “Booksmart.”

With her newest movie, releasing on May 24th, Olivia has been speaking out regarding her opinion of Hollywood’s beauty standards. She recently discussed that she is “grossed out” by Hollywood focusing more on her looks than anything else.

The film, which focuses on two high school girls, Amy and Molly, plan to cram four years of fun into one night before graduation. Olivia explained that this movie is the first project she’s ever worked on while in the TV and film industry that didn’t focus on her looks.

She noted that it was “remarkable” that at 35 years old, this was only the first time for that to ever happen for her, for her role to not be “entirely dependent on and connected to” her looks.