Thousands Of Retail Stores That Will Be Closing

It’s time to face it if you haven’t already: the retail landscape is changing. Gone are the days of brick and mortar stores being the go-to and malls taking over cities across America.

Online retail has become king for more reasons than can be counted, though some of those reasons include ease of access, low-cost, fast shipping, product diversity, and affordability. Small shops are bigger than ever with millennials encouraging consumers to shop small and shop local.

And so it wasn’t much of a surprise when we heard many previously popular stores are starting to close up shop. So far, 2019 has brought us the announcement that more than 5,300 stores will be closing across the United States.

From old favorites like Payless ShoeSource (closing 2,500 stores), Gymboree (closing 805 stores), Family Dollar (closing 390 stores), and Gap (closing 230 stores), it’s safe to say we will be turning to online shopping to keep our closets full. Other stores closing include Charlotte Russe (closing 520 stores), Sears (closing 70 stores), and Victoria’s Secret (closing 53 stores).

While these bigger names may soon be dust in the wind, we look forward to spending the year shopping small. For more information on any of the more than 5,300 stores that will be closing in 2019, take a look at the video above.