The former First Lady of the USA sat with “Sex and the City” star, Sarah Jessica Parker to talk about her newly released book ‘Becoming: An Intimate conversation with Michelle Obama.’ The interview was the last leg for her book tour which has been sold out at arenas in the US, the interview held at the Barclays center, Brooklyn, New York City.

Obama was dressed in a bright yellow wrap dress and sparkly Balenciaga thigh-high boots, the boots are from the French fashion house spring/summer 2019 collection and cost £2,935. When she was asked for the reason she wore them, she replied with “There is no message, the boots are telling you no message. They were just really cute. I was like, those some nice boots!” She said with her reign as First Lady from 2009-2017 she is now “free to do whatever.”

While speaking with Sarah, she reminisced on her time as the First Lady of USA talking about her fashion iconic moments, she said she was aware of how influencing her style choices would be so she made a decision of bringing deserving designers into the spotlight by wearing their designs.

She explained “I did know that my clothes were making a statement, I knew that was the case. So we decided why don’t we use this platform to uplift some young new designers who normally wouldn’t get this kind of attention, because you can change their lives, which is one of the reasons why we chose Jason Wu for my inaugural gown.”

The 54-year-old said she picked her designers based on who they were, in regards to character and kindness. Since her husband left office in 2017, she has been trying more adventurous looks but these boots have been the most daring and it received wide applause.