Coachella always inspires the fashion world, and each year the styles seem to get better and better. That, coupled with the trendiest of celebrities attending, means we get to see some of the best looks out there. This year, plenty of celebs rocked Coachella as they always tend to. But, have you ever wondered what one of these outfits costs? Let’s hone in on one of the most fashion-forward ladies in the music industry, Rihanna. Everything she does, she does it big.

Rihanna’s UGG boots alone, made especially for Coachella, cost over $1,000. Just because the songstress wasn’t performing at this year’s event doesn’t mean she wasn’t going to make a bold statement. Along with listening to some of the performances while smoking on her body guards shoulders (yes it happened and it was awesome), Ri Ri also rocked a mean outfit that she completed with a pair of expensive UGG boots. Anyone who has purchased Uggs before, knows that they are expensive as-is. The self proclaimed bad girl flaunted her fashion on Instagram, as most did, during the concert series. In her second pic on Instagram from the concert, Rihanna is pictured in Y/Project’s thigh-high stiletto healed UGG boots, as part of the brand’s collaboration with UGG. No matter what this woman does, she always looks gorgeous…with or without $1,000 boots!