Rihanna Features Realistic Mannequins In Fenty Pop-Up

Rihanna is once again on the cutting edge of fashion with her latest release from the Fenty brand. And people are overwhelmed with joy and relief to say the least.

Rihanna is the “queen of inclusivity and fashion diversity” these days. Her campaigns on body positivity are smashing social norms and other unrealistic fashion expectations and giving women more confidence to be themselves.

The change in mindset for Rihanna came after she began to notice the changes in her own body. As she became thicker, the fashion norms no longer seemed to apply to her. Since then, she has campaigned for more realistic fashion norms and body positivity throughout all lines of clothing, shunning no one person based on their own unique body type.

So what’s her latest act? Curvy mannequins. Curvy mannequins at a pop-up store in New York has fans bursting with relief and feeling all the love. The mannequins, showcasing Rihanna’s new clothing line for Fenty, showed women that were realistic and a bit curvy. Rihanna responded to all of the support from fans stating, “I want all women to feel confident in my stuff.”