There is quite a stir online over model sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid’s latest photo for the March addition of British Vogue. The dynamic duo posed nude together, with Gigi sitting somewhat on Bella’s lap. The two sisters looked as gorgeous as ever, but the online audience had a couple of issues with the nude photo.

For starters, avid Bella fans are saying she looks almost unrecognizable. Likely due to a touch too much photoshop, the 21-year-old Californian does look rather different. But, again, it’s not uncommon for photoshop and filters to be used, especially in high fashion magazine spreads like British Vogue. Another complaint coming from the internet audience has to do with the suggestive pose the two sisters are sitting in. Not only are they nude, but it’s slightly sexual in nature. According to Aol, the cover of the issue marks the model sisters’ first-ever dual covers, but it’s a photo from the accompanying cover shoot inside the magazine that’s making people, well, uncomfortable.

Regardless of your opinion on the sister’s most recent magazine photoshoot, the two seem to be unstoppable. They seem to be gracing every catwalk, every magazine cover and every billboard. The two have really made a name for themselves, even if it sometimes involves controversial nude photos!