With the end of summer and the start to fall coming up, our minds are going from dewy, bronzed skin with sea salt waves to matte skin with moody hues. So, while you’re beginning to prep your makeup kit for fall, here are the beauty trends to keep in mind for this new season:


To start off the makeup artist for Burberry says that the requisite black eyeliner and nude lip combo will be getting an update this fall. Instead of defined lines she recommends pressing an inky black gel liner to the base of your lash line and then smudging it out with an eye shadow brush. This smoky eye look is subtle. For the nude lips just go one shade lighter then your natural lip color.

Even though some of us are tired of hearing about no makeup selfies, this trend isn’t going away any time soon. But this fall natural skin will be less dewey and more candle lite. This means instead of applying foundation to your entire face, only apply it to where you need it using a high pigment concealer.

And you are still going to want those big bold brows this fall. But here is the thing; you’re going to want to create a shadow and not a solid. You can do this by drawing in the individual hairs with your brow pencil by using short storks and then brushing them into precision.

For more makeup trends for this fall be sure to check out the video above.