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Telfar lives by their motto, not for you – for everyone

Telfar announced a new ‘Bag Security Program’ for shoppers set to debut on Wednesday that will offer unlimited pre-orders that will hold items in a cart for 24 hours. Telfar will allow shoppers to reserve a tote in every size and color for 24 hours on their website.

Telfar is known for its highly sought-after tote bags and the heightened popularity of its signature Shopping Bag that instantly sell-out. Telfar is preparing for a highly-anticipated re-stock of the must-have Shopping Bag and noticed an issue with bots swarming.

In response to this issue, Telfar announced they will offer unlimited pre-orders for its totes in every size and color for 24 hours on its website. The new Bag Security Program will help Telfar to plan production at least six months ahead so orders can be fulfilled between December 15, 2020 and January 15, 2021 (depending on production restrictions).

Telfar is a non-gendered, Black-owned fashion project established in 2004 and premiered the first Shopping Bag in 2014 that ultimately sealed their success. On Telfar’s official social media page they disclosed, “We are doing this so that there is a way to guarantee you your bag without you having to deal with the stress of drops. We will continue to do drops and are working on getting more and more product — but this is a way to both support us, buy direct and GUARANTEE yourself a bag — even if you have to wait for it.”

This new Bag Security Program will help shoppers avoid the stress of getting products before selling out but there will be some simple rules to follow. Customers ordering a Shopping Bag must pay in full for their purchase at checkout and there will be no refunds.

The brand cannot accommodate changes (to the product or contact/delivery information) or cancellations. Telfar is also planning on hosting bag drops between now and Jan. 15 for bags that are already in production.