If you’re trying to make the best out of your vacation and you’re in the United States, chances are you want to get some clothing to remember your stay. Going on a shopping spree is always fun, especially when you’re traveling because you can find pieces that you couldn’t find elsewhere! Here are the best cities to visit if you’re looking for some great wardrobe pieces and you’ll want to shop until you drop.

New York City
It comes as no surprise since New York City is basically America’s fashion capital, also happens to be one of the main commerce and finance centers in the whole entire world! If you can believe it, New York City itself has over 50 malls in the famous spot called Fifth Avenue! Designers come from all over the world just to exhibit their clothing in the city, along with New York Fashion Week. Whether you’re looking for cheap or expensive fashion… options are seriously endless in NYC.

Another one of the best places to shop is Miami, Florida. Not only is there the perk of the beautiful beaches and sunny weather, but everyone in Miami is stylish. It’s a tropical retail paradise! Every street in Miami is lined with outlets of stores and fashionable boutiques, with a view of the ocean. You can also get great deals in Miami if you run into the right local!

If you want to take a turn to the west, go to Houston, Texas. Houston has so many different malls with great variety such as the galleria and the uptown park.

No matter what your style is, you can always find something No matter which amazing city you visit!