Want some makeup tips for the upcoming fall season? If you want to have fun with fall but live in a warmer state, here’s how you can make it work. With some great tips and tricks you can get that make up routine on point in no time! When it comes to fall in warmer seasons, it’s all about keeping things simple.

First and foremost is your foundation. You should always have two different foundations within reach year round, depending on if your lighter or darker at the time. When we leave summer our color starts to go back to natural, and you always want to mix you’re lighter foundation with you’re darker so whether you’re still tan or you have a fading glow. Your foundation will look great!

For eyeshadow, it’s all about the glitter this Fall. Shimmer is everything, and incorporating it with darker fall colors looks great to give it that extra pop! You can apply the shimmer to your brow bone including your inner and outer crease. You can even try liquid eyeshadow which is super fun to use! But you don’t want to go to crazy, you’ll want to still keep it subtle.

With blush, you want for a deeper but still light tone. Instead of that go to light pink for the summer, try out a mauve shade… or even a taupe for a counter. You never want to go to dark with your blush because the oil in your skin will make the pigment look darker in warmer weather… and no one wants to look like a runny stream.

Fall time is all about the bold and beautiful lip, and you can’t go wrong with a classy red or a spice color with a glossy shimmer. And remember, it’s all about going dark for the fall time but in moderation!