Everyone loves a good bag to keep their personal items in while they’re out and about! Little did you know, bags have come along way since the beginning! From clutches to bucket bags – here is a brief history on handbags:

In 1969 it was all about quilted patterns on bags, with shoulder bags making their debut in 1970. The messenger bag was another convenient way to store your items and easily be able to reach them.

In 1971 patent leather was everything, the glossier the better! Then in 1972, the briefcase took people by storm… which transformed into a weekender bag by 1973.

In 1974, clamshell clutches became everything! They were chic, coastal inspired, and perfect for any event! By 1975 white bags were the most popular on the market, and even through 1976 neutral shades stayed popular.

In 1977, the expensive Hermes Kelly handbag was the bag that you had to have in your closet! Celebrities everywhere we’re seen with the popular bag, and it became a staple in a lot of peoples wardrobes during the time. 1978 was all about the straw bag and textured material bags, staying on trend through 1979.

By the 80s, metallic hues were everything when it came to handbags! In 1981, another designer bag took the world by storm when Gucci released their Jackie bag.

By 1982, bamboo handle bags were the new chic piece you could have in your closet. Envelope clutches became a huge thing in 1983, as well as the Louis Vuitton carry-on bag through 1985! By the late 80s, it was all about little black bags, Dooney and Bourke cross-body bags, Prada nylon backpacks, chainmail pouches, and wicker bags.

By the early 90s, lawn clutches and matching your handbag huge trend. Rope handle bags and Jansport backpacks were also huge like they are today. By the mid 90s, fanny-packs we’re everything! Many designers came out with Fanny packs just because they were so popular.

When the early 2000’s hit, animal-print handbags, satin clutches, satchel bags, and Kipling totes were all the rage.

Nowadays, it’s all about the designer label no matter what the style. Purses have certainly come along way with so many different designs.