A new runway show is giving a new category to the different fashion styles, celebrating modest fashion including the hijab. London is hosting the ‘London Modest Fashion Festival,’ with this region having a high concentration of people who practices Muslim and Islamic religions.

This new runway show is promoting a modest fashion makeover with top designers from Oman, Morocco, Britain, and Indonesia. The goal is to create a fashionable option for women wanting to dress in a more conservative style while not showing too much skin. This new runway look not only is for people adhering to religious standards through clothing, but also caters to people looking for a more conservative style.

This new runway style is also offering conservative style designers a chance to display their style that is not commonly seen by the world. American top model, Halima Aden, was one of the first models to wear a hijab on the runway during fashion week.

Halima Aden at London Modest Fashion Week

Aden wanted to combine her love for fashion and her Islamic faith saying that Islamic women love fashion. The biggest hub for Islamic fashion in the world is in Dubai, where women commonly add luxury fashion staples with hijabs such as Chanel bags or Prada sunglasses. Aden says that the fashion industry should include more Muslim women, incorporating their style into runway shows.

The prominence of women wearing hijabs or head scarfs is raising, with more fashion companies giving style options for head scarfs for inclusion. People of the fashion industry says that runway shows can act as a cultural representation of the Muslim community, while correcting mis-representations.

The fashion industry is also noticing more models that wear a head scarf for religious purposes, translating to the fashion behind the culture on the runway.
Designers are also creating hijabs that are fashionable for the Islamic community and clothing that adhere to religious beliefs.

The major department store Macy’s is launching a clothing line for Muslim women that will be available throughout their many store locations. Check out the video above for more Muslim influence on the fashion industry.