It’s safe to say Kylie Jenner is one of the most famous people on the planet. The launch of her 21st birthday collection may be one of the biggest makeup events of the year. The Kylie cosmetics brand launched in 2016, and though she has had birthday lunches for her to previous birthdays, it is safe to say 21 is the biggest… they do say third time’s the charm. It has even been said that Kylie cosmetics is very close to being a billion-dollar brand, so it’s no wonder that her limited – edition launch should be a huge success.

Kylie says that this year’s collection is probably the most personal one that she has done so far. It’s all about glitter, fun, and popping colors. Launch includes three lip kits coming out, six brand new lip shades, champagne put into highlighter form, and Mini lip sets as well as liquid glitter eyeshadow shades.

The biggest part of the whole collection is her new eyeshadow palette, which will have 21 colors. The pallet is super versatile because it will contain my metallics, neutrals, and shimmering shades. There are also super fun names and the new collection for shades such as ‘Eat Cake’, ‘Born To Sparkle’, ‘Flirtini’, and ‘Fine Wine’! It’s safe to say Kylie will be the life of the party this year.