With everything being organic and eco-friendly these days, it’s no surprise that so many companies are using natural seeds from the earth to create apparel. Reebok has made a sneaker made entirely from cotton and corn! It’s made from a silhouette that Reebok is already pretty famous for their design that people love, so it’s no surprise that everybody went crazy when they heard the launch of these shoes! The shoes are even said to be light and comfy.

We have to say, it’s pretty cool that a shoe is made entirely out of corn, and we have to wonder if there was any popcorn made during the production of the shoes. You’ll also never believe how long it took to finish these corn shoes… 5 years! Since so many shoes end up in landfills, it’s great because these natural materials definitely help when it comes to the environment so there’s no rubber or plastic involved! Although it’s durable, it’s not yet biodegradable.

It’s definitely tough when it comes to making things out of recycled items, but a few companies are able to do it without no differences. When Puma came out with a recycled backpack, the line was shortly stopped afterwards… Reebok hopes to make these shoes a long-term piece of merchandise!