We Reveal The Secrets Of Fast Fashion

Stores like Forever 21, Zara, and H&M have made it easier than ever to find cute, trendy, sometimes even classic clothes at a cost that everyone can afford–but is it really worth it? Below, we reveal the ways fast fashion affects both the environment and those around us.

Places like the aforementioned stores and even inexpensive online retail stores like Shein have a high cost for those who create it for us. Clothing previously used to be bespoke, or tailor-made to the person wearing it.

Now, clothes can be purchased in standardized sizing, but new issues are happening like well-known companies stealing independent designers ideas, too many items being purchased, and lower wages and unsafe work conditions for those creating the items that fill our closets.

Additionally, purchasing clothes at a price everyone can afford (that is new and not upcycled) are a huge cause of stress on our environment. When we purchase items at a lower cost, we tend to purchase even more than we normally would…meaning more items end up in landfills over time.

Looking for a way to purchase clothing you love and treat workers and our earth better? Check out the video above for ideas, as well as more information on what fast fashion is and how we can change it.