If you were a lover of the 90’s and Kate Moss growing, you’re probably jumping up and down with joy as slip dresses are making a comeback. They started trending last year around the same time but transitioned into summer and now fall as well and are only getting popular. The slip dress is an outfit on its own and can be worn day and night by just making a few changes.

Here are some tips on how you can wear this 90’s favorite.


Pick a solid color. Because it’s fall, we recommend going for a dark color like black or even oxblood. Both of these colors are easy to incorporate into whatever fall wardrobe you already have and can be easily worn at any time of the day.

It’s all about layering. Let’s face it: a slip dress isn’t the warmest article of clothing you have and most likely won’t hold up well in colder cities. If you plan on wearing a slip dress to work, for example, you could wear a sweater on top or a blazer and a belt to be cinched at the waist. Mix and match different pieces to get the perfect and appropriate look for whatever setting you’ll be going in to.

It doesn’t have to worn as a dress. Sometimes slip dresses can be maybe too sexy which is why some ladies decide to skip on it. If you love the way the top of the slip dress looks, you can always wear a skirt over it for a 2 piece look. Or if the dress is maybe too short for fall, wear it as a tunic over some edgy leather pants. Think outside of the box and create your own look.
To see these tips put into practice, check out the videos!
(Cover image: The Fashion Tag/Article image: Style du Monde)