Want to seem like a million bucks when you have ten to spare? Guess what, it can be easily done and it doesn’t need to involve sporting flashy jewelry. There’s a reason magicians wear costumes, use props and play music – they do it so you are amazed by their performance. So if you are an under-cover budget fashionista, these tips can bring a luxury look to some of your classic styles.

Dive into your closet and look over all of your go-to items. You’re searching for signs of wear: loose buttons, hanging threads, broken zippers, stains, light colors or dingy whites. For any piece that appears overly-aged, you’ve got two choices – repair it or stop sporting it.

If the repair involves fixing a button or different detail, think about upgrading that embellishment. You could place plastic buttons with metal ones, for instance, and provides your previous sports coat a brand new, high-fashion look.

Clothes that crease, gather or pucker within the wrong places tend to be lower in cost. Or in other terms, items that suit you absolutely have a pricier look concerning them.

Evaluate each piece you own that simply doesn’t match with a majority of your wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if the fit is off or has wrinkles, you shouldn’t stop sporting it. One of your best options is to get a piece tailored or let-out to fit you better in the long-run.