(Photo Credit: Tom Ford/Allure composite)

Tom Ford unveils upcoming skincare line

Everyone is getting into the beauty market these days and Tom Ford is one of the latest alongside others like Rihanna, Kim K, and Kylie Jenner. But his newest line isn’t like anything else on the market. Tom Ford’s new approach is sure to stand out amongst the waves of other beauty products on the market.

Tom Ford isn’t new to fashion or beauty but his newest beauty line has surely expanded his influence in the game. His newest partnership with Estée Lauder is changing skincare by utilizing a science-based approach to beauty products. With the help of dermatologists and other experts from around the world, Tom Ford has perfected beauty and skincare by adding only the finest ingredients.

To facilitate this new approach, Estée Lauder gave him a dedicated beauty lab in which to develop and perfect his latest skincare line for Tom Ford Research. “I wanted to start a serious skin-care arm and have it be science-based. This is a real skin-care product and regimen,” Tom stated in a recent interview.