Winter beauty wonderland

Winter weather is embraced with a warm wardrobe but we often forget about adapting our beauty routine for healthy skincare in dry winter weather. These beauty products will leave your skin hydrated throughout the cold winter season.

Cream Cleanser
A majority of cleansers are foaming or bubbly that has salicylic acid-based formulas that help clean your skin but contain sulfates that can dry your skin. A moisturizing cleanser option is a cream-based cleanser that cleanses your skin and maintains a hydrated completion.

Proper Skincare Application
Using multiple skincare products at once can be overwhelming on the skin but applying certain products in layers. It’s recommended to layer products lightest to heaviest starting with toner, then serum, and finishing with a moisturizer.

Overnight Sleep Masks
Facemasks can be expensive but overnight masks are offered in an affordable variety for all skin types and will help to keep your skin hydrated the following day. Using an overnight mask after your nighttime skincare routine will help your skin absorb all the beauty products.

Incorporate Targeted Treatments
Maintaining healthy skin starts with addressing target issues such as dry or oily skin that can be helped with targeted beauty products. Target beauty products will help address issues and keep your skin looking healthy through the colder weather.