50-year-old skateboarding legend Tony Hawk has just released his own personal luxury fashion label at the Paris Fashion Week 2019. The new fashion line is called the “Tony Hawk Signature Line” and will mainly contain pieces that are closely related to the skateboarder’s lifelong passion: skateboarding.

Hawk tells Hypebeast, “The professional skater’s collection will feature; T-shirts, hoodies, flannel button-downs, jackets, bowling shirts and carpenter pants with bursts of tie-dye and fluorescent color.”

Talking about his line in general, Hawk says, “This one is more high-quality and in a fashion direction. A little bit more edgy with the colors. And we have incorporated my own signature photos from my own personal archive. ”

Many of the pieces in his collection have some sort of meaning to the skateboarding legend. “I really like these bowling-shirt styles. They look cool. And some of them have got these photo collages on them (…) I like this color scheme, too, just like a very subtle peach and cream, and then there is this really bold green.”

Hawk has been waiting for quite some time now to launch his own luxury fashion label. He believes that now is the perfect time to release his luxury collection since skating has now “permeated so much of culture and fashion.”