(Photo Source: TMZ.com)

A Wedding For Her Birthday?

Everyone loves KarJenner drama. Something about the lives of the family that have people dying in anticipation for the hint of the latest gossip or a clue on what’s next.

In case you have been living under a rock, Kylie Jenner just turned twenty-two. For her birthday, Kylie and boyfriend Travis Scott, along with her family and closest friends, rented a yacht, touring the Mediterranean and the coastal cities of Italy. The $250 million yacht, complete with a 29-person crew, is just a taste of the birthday celebration for Kylie Jenner.

But what really has people talking is not the elaborate birthday vacation, but rather what she brought on the plane with her as she left on her trip. As she left for her trip, she was spotted boarding a plane carrying a big poofy white dress bag which has fans going crazy over a possible wedding dress.

The madness is only furthered by spotting of a suit bag as well. So of course, KarJenner fans are already planning the wedding of Kylie and Travis. According to TMZ, there is no wedding in the near future for the two but fans are still skeptical.