Cinema lovers who choose to watch the latest of Ridley Scott’s “Alien” franchise will have the chance to view the colorful costumes made by the hottest name in British men’s fashion.

Craig Green who created the “Alien Covenant” themed post-apocalyptic look won the British menswear designer of the year this December at the London Fashion Awards. His fashion forms part of a popular style worn by the likes of Madonna and model Bella Hadid.

Green’s clothes typically comprise multiple straps, cords, clasps, belts, and buckles. It is designed to contain all things you would need in the case of an alien invasion. The men who featured on his Autumn/Winter 2017 catwalk wore mackintoshes, hats and tube-shaped belts which he termed “like oxygen tubes,” an artistic designed inspired by the “terror of the sea.”

Kanye West has been credited for introducing the look into the mainstream. He included streetwear and sweatshirts to his dressing which gave him a more appealing look. Models adorn head-to-toe camouflage for his autumn/winter 2017 show, a look imitated by Hadid who was spotted walking along King’s Cross, London, and by Madonna when she attended the Met Gala red carpet.

The combat boot has become common in most autumn/winter catwalks and is designed to withstand several muddy fields. McDonald’s has also been alleged of embracing this fashion in their newly unveiled uniforms last month which people believed are better suited for the post-apocalyptic film “The Hunger Games.”

The post-apocalyptic look is not new as it also trended in the 80s and 90s by Commes des Garçons and Belgian fashion designer Martin Margiela respectively. At that time some critics gave it the crude label: “Hiroshima chic,” a name that depicts an unfortunate occurrence and seems offensive to some observers. It raises an eyebrow about why clothes that remind us of the end of the world could be seen as something fascinating.