Neck scarves are one of those accessories that most of us don’t wear on an everyday basis but can really take your outfit to the next level. Many things factor in when it comes to the perfect neck scarf for your outfit like the length, the knot, the material, and of course, the print. It can become the perfect statement accessory so it’s no wonder why we saw it on many runways this season: Acne, Gucci, Trussardi, etc.

Trussardi-2Most of usually think of flight attendants and their perfect side-knotted scarf but there are more ways than one to make it look chic and trendy. Here’s how you can try the trend at home:
Step 1: Start off with a square scarf and fold it so that it becomes a triangle.
Step 2: Fold the scarf down starting from the flat side. Stop folding when you have a small triangle left (the peak of the triangle).
Step 3: Wrap it around your neck from the front and bring the ends back to the front. Tuck the remaining ends into the front of the scarf or tie them into a knot.
To see a video tutorial on how to tie your neck scarf, check out the video playlist above.