With holiday and Christmas parties around the corner, it’s all about the perfect outfit to these evening and night time events. The perfect dress, shoes, makeup, and hair. But what if you have daytime soirée to attend that’s more laid back and casual?

Daytime holiday looks can be a bit tricky because looking a bit too festive can make you look overdone so we have a few tips for you that can help you out when putting together your look.

1. Try to stay within holiday colors. Rich burgundies, greys, winter whites, and even plaid are big this season and give a very holiday feel.

2. Keep sparkle to a minimum. Sparkle tends to be for evening events but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing a cute sparkly clutch or shoes.

3. Red plaid is trending at the moment and is indicative of Christmas so try incorporating into your look.

4. A simple red, burgundy, or cranberry lip can look festive enough if you’re not big into wearing holiday related items.

Additionally, we have some more tips from celebs like Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie so make sure to watch the video for more casual holiday looks!