Swimwear Returns To Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret, based out of Columbus, Ohio, and long has been known for their sexy bras, underwear, and sleepwear is facing scrutiny for its recently returned swimwear line.

Victoria’s Secret’s swimwear line was once very popular, but three years ago the brand shut down that part of their business. Speculation would have us assume that as the lingerie landscape is rapidly changing—with brands promoting “real” models, complete with stretch marks and cellulite—Victoria’s Secret’s swimwear line possibly had trouble keeping up.

However, when they announced that they were bringing back the previously much-hyped line, fans everywhere rejoiced. Unfortunately, it was short lived once the collection was actually live.

Between undesirable pricing and a lack of inclusive sizing, unhappy customers took to social media channels like Twitter to voice their complaints. “Not impressed” was the beginning of one response, flatly echoing what many shoppers seem to be feeling towards the brand.

While it was once a $500 million side of the company (according to Business Insider), accounting for 6.5% of its sales, that side of the company was abandoned by L Brands, VS’s parent company. When the decision to bring swimwear back occurred, it was mentioned by L Brands’ CFO that it was because customers wanted it.

For more information on Victoria’s Secret recent swimwear re-release, as well as the subsequent complaints, check out the video above.