Everyone loves a good manicure, but those UV lights that dry your polish are actually super damaging. The unique designed ManiGlovz are said to protect your hands from those harsh lights while you’re getting a gel mani.

The gloves come in all different fabulously chic styles and patterns, and they are great for people who often get gel manicures. They have fun prints including avocado, donuts, hearts and fish scales. The gloves are made of ultra- lightweight materials and one size fits most hands!

The gloves are made of a super stretchy fabric and materials that protect your skin from damaging UV rays. They retail for $24, and they’re high-quality and are usable.

A portion of their sales go to the skin cancer foundation and the pediatric cancer foundation, so you’re supporting a great cause and saving your hands the damaging side effects at the same time! Your nails can stay safe and look glamorous at the same time while doing good for others who suffer from UV-ray side effects.

Whether you do your nails or get them done at a salon, your gloves will conveniently fit in your bag, and are light weight to carry on the go. If you want to keep your nails healthy and prevent future nail damage, ManiGlovz are definitely worth trying out!