Going on a first date with the cutie you’ve had a crush for a while can be so nerve-wracking. The butterflies start giving you a tingly sensation inside and you can’t stop smiling from ear to but there’s one thought in mind that can make all of that go away in an instant: what are you going to wear? As if the whole thing wasn’t making you nervous enough, now thinking of what to wear will probably stress you out even more.

Although you’ve already impressed the guy (or girl) enough to ask you out on a date, go the extra mile by impressing with some of these first date outfit ideas.


Go the easy route and wear a dress. Although this is an easy outfit choice, it’s great for saving time when because you don’t have to worry about trying to match separates. It’s also great when the location is a secret as dresses are appropriate for restaurants, picnics, coffee dates, etc. Just be sure to wear something on the classier side so nothing too short or too revealing on the top. Go for a solid color as prints tend to be a bit distracting and you want the attention on you and not on what you’re wearing.

Already know what flatters you most? Go with separates. You know your body shape more than anyone else so if you already know that a certain outfit will look good on you, go for it. This can be anything from a pencil skirt and denim button-down shirt combo with heels to a nice top with shorts and flats. The combination possibilities are endless so mix and match until you find something that makes you feel pretty and confident.

When all else fails, dark skinny jeans are there to save you. If you’re just not feeling what you have in your closet then don’t make your life hard: just wear those black or dark navy blue skinny jeans. You can pair them with a blue denim or white tucked, button-down shirt along with some sexy heels and you’re good to go. Covering up can be just as sexy as showing a little skin with the right attitude.

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