Sunday brunch is a joyous, weekly occasion most of us look forward to after staying up too late the night before or are just too lazy to wake-up early the day of to cook. You look forward to meet with friends and family to share a meal and have a good time. You also look forward to wearing a great outfit to fit the occasion which, lets be honest, is one of the best parts of brunch anyway.

brunchThe attire for brunch and even afternoon tea, if you practice it, usually calls for “smart casual”. Mixing and matching dressy and casual pieces is the key to getting this look right and if you need some help getting it right, we have a few style tips just for you:

Make your life easy and wear a dress. The reason we love dresses for brunch is it makes styling very easy as it’s just one piece. Sun dresses and maxi dresses work best and add liveliness to the look, perfect for brunch. Flowy skirts work just as well to add that touch of feminity so you can style it quickly as well by just adding a solid colored top.

Slacks or skinny jeans work just fine. Sure, dresses make styling easy but if they’re not really your thing, pants are a great option. Ideally they should end right at the ankle and be on the “skinny” side for that smart casual look. You can throw a blazer on top to elevate the look if it’s too casual.

Take it down a notch with a pastel colored jacket. If you’re wearing a dress that looks maybe too dressy, you bring down a bit by wearing a light colored jacket. Colors like off-white, pastel pink and blue work great but it’s going to depend on what color your dress is.

Elevate the look with a blazer. If you’re issue is looking too casual, a blazer is a great way to put the “smart” in smart casual. Blazers look great with an array of pieces, especially pants, so try going for a dark colored blazer like navy blue or black.

To additional brunch outfit ideas, check out the videos!
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