Celebs Slay With These Bold Makeup Looks

Celebrities all over are often known for their bold looks, from makeup to hair to fashion. With a handful of stylists at their hands, celebrities are able to experiment with bold makeup looks that us mere mortals don’t typically get to play around with.

Because of this, Allure created a list of their favorite bold makeup looks of 2019 so far. The three celebrities Allure chose to represent their favorite bold looks include Paris Hilton, Halsey, and Joey King. Each of these celebs has their own individual style, and that factor allowed them to all display their own unique looks.

(Photo by Theo Wargo/FilmMagic)

With Paris Hilton, for example, she was caught with some awesome bedazzled brows, complete with crystals adorned to her eyebrows, taking us directly back to her fame in the early 2000s. Halsey was also on the list, wearing a gorgeous shade of violet lipstick that made our heads turn. Finally, Allure captured Joey King’s look that was pulled together with red wings and gold glitter eye shadow.

These might all be different styles, but they certainly have one thing in common: They all caught our eye. For a better look at the bold makeup looks worn by these artists, take a look at the video above.